The workplace of the future

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What does the ideal workplace of the future look like?

There is no doubt that technology will play an increasingly important role in the workplace. Digitization is therefore at the top of the list for the (re)design of workplaces. The market already offers countless opportunities to pave the way for employees to work flexibly. In the future, the most successful companies will work with collaboration platforms that allow employees to communicate from any device, from any location, at any time.

Who cares where you are, as long as your work is done right and on time, right?

5 trends for the workplace of the future

1. A smart and multi-functional workstation

Futuristic settings in which you, as it were, bring the office into your home and virtual screens float around. Switch from the real world to a digital world with a mouse click. Suddenly all your colleagues are in your living room for a meeting. In the future, everything will run on a smart and multi-functional workstation. Think of a screen with integrated docking. All peripherals linked to your fixed screen, no more separate docking station boxes. Plug and play. Handy and comfortable. The mouse and keyboard are of course wireless and therefore preferably rechargeable without batteries to save the environment.

2. Fresh air

The workplace of the future has a continuous flow of fresh air. Preferably filtered from bacteria. Where no windows can open, climate control systems may come to the rescue. For the home workplace there are more and more affordable climate control systems that also purify the air and are energy efficient.

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3. Office becomes meeting place

The increasing flexibility in the workplace will ensure that the role of the office shifts to a meeting place for colleagues, where they exchange experiences and learn from each other. Technology facilitates these meetings optimally and ensures that everyone, regardless of position and location, can get the most out of themselves and the collaboration.

4. Refurbished increasingly important

Employers and employees want to consciously organize their workplace. Refurbished items, such as the office chair, are excellent solutions. More than 22 million chairs are thrown away in Europe. Then why not buy a second-hand chair from a top-brand manufacturer that has been completely refurbished and that costs less than half the price. This is a trend that we see growing considerably in the future.

5. Natural Products

Sustainable home work items, made of wood. Craftsmanship and articles with a story. There is also more future in that. We would rather spend a little more money on an item made locally in Europe than a production item from China.

Do you want to set up your workplace future-proof? HomeOfficeShop may be able to help you with this. Contact us and let us know your wishes. We like to think along with you.

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