Massage pillow COMFY – with infrared


Massage cushion Comfy
Massage pillow COMFY – with infrared

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A unique massage cushion with infrared for at home. A relaxing massage of the back or neck with immediately noticeable results. This special product was developed in the Netherlands from top sport. The heads of the massage system become pleasantly warm over time. The infrared heating in the pillow provides an extra pleasant effect on the muscles. Relax your back or neck with this wonderful warm massage. The soft, suede-like upholstery fabric of microfiber has a long lifespan and is available in various colours.

Colors: dark blue, dark gray, gray, light blue, dark blue, red and black
Dimensions: 400x120x400mm
Weight: 1,500 grams
2 years

Suitable for: in the chair, on the couch or in bed

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